Pest Control in Myakka City

It’s unfortunate that irritating pests are as attracted to Myakka City’s warm temperatures and vast farm fields as we are, but that doesn’t mean you need to share your lawn and home with them. Farrow specializes in a full suite of pest control solutions to keep annoying bugs and pesky rodents off your property.

Farrow’s pest control services in Myakka include:

  • Perimeter pest control: Shields your home from invasions by spraying a liquid pesticide along common entry points, followed by a second treatment to enforce year-round protection.
  • Indoor insect control: Exterminates insects that have entered your home and continues protection throughout the year with quarterly exterior treatments.
  • Flea and tick treatment: Removes the threat of fleas and ticks from your yard to protect your family and pets from infestations and contracting notorious diseases.
  • Rodent control: Delivers a rodent-free home with market-leading rodent control techniques and removal methods.

Rather than send you searching the Sunshine State from top to bottom for the best lawn care and pest control services available, Farrow Pest Services meets Myakka City’s home and business owners with a comprehensive list of both. We’re proud to be Florida’s top, locally-owned lawn care and pest control firm since 1993

We are committed to maintaining that honor by ensuring every project includes the following:

  • The use of premium quality products and precision machinery.
  • The latest treatments and techniques.
  • An Integrated Pest Management and Best Management Practices approach.
  • Customized property strategies and solutions.

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Lawn Services in Myakka City, FL

Farrow offers a suite of lawn care services customized to your budget and needs. Our trained and qualified technicians are here to take the endless to-do list that is lawn care off your hands. Specialties include:

  • PH soil analysis to create a customized plan for your lawn’s needs.
  • Lawn Fertilization Programs that keeps your lawn nourished and vibrant all year.
  • Aeration and seeding to revitalize dead patches and yield new grass quickly.
  • Weed control consists of pre- and post-emergent weed killers.
  • Lawn disease control where our expert technicians develop the best treatment for any disease plaguing your lawn.

Tree and Shrub Care in Myakka City, FL

While they do wonders for your curb appeal, trees, shrubs, and other ornamentals invite destructive pest infestations and varying diseases if left untreated. Our programs offer year-round tree and shrub care and disease prevention to keep your yard’s decorative plants looking their best throughout the seasons.

Our tree and shrub care in Myakka include:

  • Weed control.
  • Disease and fungus control.
  • Insect control.
  • Flea and tick treatment.

Additional Services in Myakka City, FL

Farrow strives to be the only lawn care and pest control company you’ll need. In addition to our popular lawn fertilization and perimeter pest control programs, we provide a comprehensive list of services that can easily be included or purchased à la carte.

Farrow’s additional lawn services include:

  • Lawn aeration and seeding.
  • Lawn plugging.
  • Arborjet tree and palm injections.
  • Fire ant control.

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