Pest Control in Bradenton

Insects are entitled to be outside. It’s their home, after all! But when they start ruining your lawn, trees, and shrubs, it’s your right as a homeowner to protect your plants from insect damage. We at Farrow spare you the guesswork of pesticides and risk of bites and stings by providing a multitude of pest control treatments for the inside and outside of your home.

Our pest control services include:

  • Perimeter pest control: A liquid pesticide blocks opportunity-seeking bugs and rodents from entering your house. A second treatment is followed to reinforce the first application and continue protection.
  • Indoor insect control: Addresses interior invasions and includes quarterly exterior treatments to keep your family safe from pest-related illnesses and diseases.
  • Flea and tick control: Specializing in the removal of these health-hazardous pests so you can fully enjoy your time outdoors.
  • Fire ant treatment: We’ve perfected our method of quickly removing fire ants from your property so you can get back to enjoying the grass between your toes.

Rodent Control in Bradenton

Seeing a rodent in your home can cause quite the scare. Don’t rely on DIY rodent control techniques, call in the professionals. The Farrow team is certified in the latest rodent control techniques, and specializes in removing unwanted critters from your home.

Our rodent control in Bradenton includes:

  • An inspection of your home to identify rodent entry points.
  • Up-to-date rodent control techniques, including bait boxes.
  • And more!

Lawn Care in Bradenton 

Every homeowner and property manager wants his or her lawn to look good; but the demanding year-round work makes regular lawn care very grueling—especially during Bradenton’s hottest months. Farrow Pest Services has been in the home service industry since 1993. We’ve earned our reputation as the first choice for superior lawn care and pest control because we solve the issues afflicting your home quickly and efficiently. 

Our lawn care services in Bradenton include:

  • PH and soil analysis: Helps us determine the best treatment for your soil.
  • Lawn fertilization: Year-round program with strategic applications that deliver a thriving lawn January through December.
  • Lawn plugging: Quickly restores bare and dead patches on your lawn.
  • Weed control: Premium pre-emergent applied to kill current weeds and prevent new ones from taking over.
  • Lawn disease control: Knowledgeable technicians identify what’s harming your lawn and implement the most effective treatment to restore it to full health.

Aeration and Seeding in Bradenton

If you notice your lawn is looking dry, patchy, or compacted, it may be time for an aeration and seeding service. Lawn aeration breaks up the thatch layer of your grass so your soil can better absorb water, oxygen, and nutrients. Seeding your lawn after aeration will ensure full healthy grass will grow in its place. 

The benefits of this lawn service include:

  • Loosened soil which grass roots can penetrate more easily. 
  • A reduction in the level of standing water on your lawn.
  • Fewer instances of lawn disease and fungus.
  • A healthier plant from root to stem, which can resist weeds and pests with ease. 

Tree and Shrub Care in Bradenton

Breezy palms and flowering shrubs bring paradise to homes and businesses in Florida neighborhoods. While appealing to onlookers, your trees, shrubs, and other ornamentals attract destructive insects, rodents, weeds, and can host varying diseases if not treated. Farrow takes care of your property by offering tree and shrub programs that keep your landscape strong and healthy. 

Our tree and shrub program in Bradenton offers:

  • Year-round tree and shrub care to support healthy plants.
  • Disease prevention to ensure your mature plants are here to stay. 
  • And more!